From San Antonio’s unique blend of cultures—historically Mexican, Spanish, German, and French—sprout dishes that are rich with tradition and brimming with innovation. Beyond its famous, colorful River Walk and the historic walls of the Alamo, is a burgeoning culinary scene.

I want to show you pure, authentic San Antonio. I want to expose and report on the interesting and cool things that make San Antonio’s culinary scene unique. There are lots of items waiting to be unearthed and lots of new things happening all the time. Food profoundly shapes the landscape and culture of a city. My hope is that you catch a glimpse of it here.


About the Name

“She’d go mesa a mesa (table to table),” he said.

The blog’s name was inspired by quote in a San Antonio Express-News article in January 2011. The story reports the DVD releases of live performances of the popular singer Selena. The quote referred to the warmth and generosity Selena had for her fans when greeting them at a restaurant. Though not a native San Antonian, she was extremely popular, and that same warmth resonates throughout this city in any industry.