It’s safe to say that gourmet supermarket Central Market has the largest selection of  domestic and imported cheeses in San Antonio. If you sniff around that section of the store often (I’m sure you’ve caught a great strong whiff in the French section, especially), you know that the store always stocks great favorites as well as a rotating variety of intriguing hard-to-find ones.

Central Market’s Cheese Orphans basket is a great way to sample cheeses at affordable prices. There’s no formula when or which cheeses end up in the basket; it depends what has been sliced that day. Leftovers, you say? They’re freshly cut, perfectly sized for snacking, and they tend to go fast. Recent finds included Hennings Wisconsin Mild Mammoth Cheddar, Antique Swiss Gruyere, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Il Moro (semi-hard cheese similar to Parmigiano). It’s a treasure trove for grilled cheese lovers or anyone wanting a little cheese adventure.