My first taste of Bakery Lorraine was a delicate apple pop tart topped with a massive mound of airy pecorino romano shavings. It was my dessert a few months ago at The Monterey, a frequent dinner and brunch hangout of mine.

I soon learned that Bakery Lorraine supplied The Monterey and other local restaurants with some dessert items. It wasn’t even a standalone bakery itself, but a pastry business run by a young couple who had met and worked at Chef Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery in the Napa Valley. Luckily, upon relocating to San Antonio, they continued in the sweets business by opening Bakery Lorraine. Even better, their offerings are sold to the public every Sunday at the Quarry Farmers and Ranchers Market.

These pastries are among the very best in the city, wrought by careful hands and with fine ingredients. Their ethereal macarons are perfection–light, small, perfectly crisp but not gummy–with subtle flavors such as Peach Apricot Saffron, Passionfruit and Chocolate Hazelnut. Tarts include the ever-present frangipane with the changing fruits of the season (plums, peaches, figs), sweet buns, scones, and more. Full-sized pies go fast. Their recent cherry pie was exactly as a pie should be, showing off the natural sweetness of the fruit without the cloying additives and obtrusive crust. It weighed heavy with plenty of fruit in a light syrup of its own juices nestled in a well-proportioned buttery, flaky crust. “We were pitting cherries all weekend,” owner Anne commented to me. “But it’s worth it.” Their silky savory tarts are not to be missed as well; one recently had golden beets, goat cheese and thyme.

Most exciting of all, owners Jeremy and Anne are transforming Bakery Lorraine into its own shop at an old house on East Grayson Street near the Pearl Brewery, due to open in August.

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