A couple of months ago, I read about this new moving supper club in San Antonio called The Special Projects Social. It was founded by local furniture maker Peter Zubiate and caterer Tim Mcdiarmid (aka Tim the Girl). Even though they are both artists working in different mediums, they casually (and smartly) combine tasty, well-prepared food with local art. Diners can partake of Tim’s creations while sitting at Peter’s long handmade table, and genuinely have an enjoyable time where you know everyone there is truly savoring every moment. There’s really no hint of hipster pretense here and that honesty and authenticity is what makes it such a true San Antonio-style gathering.

Today I wandered over to a lovely home in the King William Neighborhood for An Enchanted Tea Party, organized by TSPS, but a departure from their normal supper club-style dinners. I bared the sticky summer humidity of San Antonio, and amidst schoolchildren, hip parents and art patrons, found and finally met Tim Mcdiarmid. She was buzzing around with china plates in hand and hastily yet carefully topping her pate with petit edible flowers.

Tim uses words like clean, simple, honest, vibrant, delicious and seasonal when describing her food philosophy. This was evident in the walnut lentil pate on rice sesame crackers, open-faced finger sandwiches: of toasted almond butter with tart cherries, crushed almonds and agave nectar, and then the others with watercress creme fraiche, smoked trout and sweet Texas onions. Plus those delectable crumbly, orangey scones. No tea here, but it was all washed down with zingy and ultra refreshing ginger-mint juleps.

I just loved the pure, lovely nature of the vintage embroidered napkins and china, random crocheted doilies and interesting mini snacks against the backdrop of a shady San Antonio backyard and Peter’s raw wooden outdoor furniture.

There’s also a cool video on the event.