At the Pearl Farmers Market today, I noticed a lone mustachioed young gentleman from a charcuterie place in Austin, Kocurek Family Charcuterie. What immediately drew me to his table was his really spectacular mustache with ultra thin curlycues at the ends. It just made him look intriguing, so I figured his products would likewise be intriguing.

I mulled over the stash of his provisions. The choices all sounded so different and unlike cured meats and charcuterie you would typically find offered in the region. There is indeed a range of interesting items like Shrimp Green Thai Boudin Blanc, Guanciale (cured, unsmoked pig jowl), Czech bacon and pates. I decided on the chorizo verde since I had never heard of it before. I’m used to the rich, red stuff oozing chili powder and grease. Normally with scrambled eggs in a flour tortilla with some fresh salsa. This one had jalapenos, Serrano peppers, garlic, cilantro – and pistachios thrown in (What? In sausage?). He also mentioned it was hard to find outside of Mexico. Count me in.

Hmmm. But they’re based in Austin.

“Too bad,” I told him. “I just started a blog on San Antonio food, and you guys are a little out of my range.”

“Yeah, there really aren’t very many food blogs in San Antonio.”

“Well, I’m changing that!” I announced triumphantly.

And I convinced myself that since they have a presence here, that qualifies it as San Antonio, right? Well, I make up the rules of this blog, and I say by God – with that glorious mustache – that man and his company deserve a post!

Stay tuned for a video with Chef Johnny Hernandez of La Gloria Ice House doing a cooking demo using this fresh sausage!