Well, this is my first official blog post. Food writing has been a long time coming, just ask pretty much anyone who has met me. I’m very fortunate to have friends and colleagues who have inspired and motivated me to launch this blog. Hopefully this first post will be the start of many exciting posts to come! My goal is to give a unique and informative glimpse into the rapidly growing culinary scene in San Antonio.

This evening I met with the food editor of the San Antonio Express-News, Karen Haram. I bumped into her recently at a couple of events and just had to arrange a meeting. It was great fun and an honor to sit down with her. She’s a veteran journalist and has been with the paper for 25 years (!), so yeah, I’d say she definitely knows her stuff. What a gem! She’s just so fun and full of energy. We spent almost two hours chatting non-stop! One thing we both agreed on: San Antonio is on the cusp of becoming a major culinary destination in the U.S. And it’s getting there fast. Hang on, and join me for the exciting, tasty ride!